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Purdue’s Course Signals program gives students early warnings to keep them on track

Strong students who go to weak high schools enter college less prepared to succeed than their peers who are less talented academically but attend high-performing high schools.

“They seem to be at an unusual disadvantage,” said Gerry McCartney, system chief information officer and vice president for information technology at Purdue University. Purdue’s Course Signals program has given students, faculty, and administrators more information about student performance since it was piloted during the 2006-07 academic year. Aggregating all of the data from these students and their predecessors creates a useful roadmap showing which course and study strategies work.

McCartney calls Signals a fairly rudimentary product that is already showing remarkable results with traditionally at-risk students and others. It’s not predictive — it simply flags indicators that have contributed to a student’s failure in the past, giving current students the benefit of an early warning.

“It’s like sitting next to somebody who has been through the class before,” McCartney said. “They say ‘I’d do that reading if I were you.’”

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