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What every hotelier wants to know about ‘big data’ analytics

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Guest columnist Phil Butler is back and advocating that hotels balance tangible conservatism with feasible potential to find their competitive edge with technology

Everyone in the hospitality industry has, by now, been inundated with the hype, the potential, the trend toward empowering hoteliers with big, big, big, big DATA!

But questions for the average hotel director remain: Where is the proof? Is there any tangible evidence a universe of data has helped any hotel owner?

Surely this is this what every revenue manager on the planet wants to know! So what is the state of data analytics in the travel industry, and who is doing what?

Heads or tails?

For hoteliers, or any business for that matter, revenue and profit are what matter. This is from the supplier’s side of the business however. The service, what the customer experiences in dealing with a hotel is the driving force behind profit. Indeed, the fundamentals of the hospitality business remain unchanged; namely, guests being satisfied, willing to spend their money, and happy they did.

However logical and static an idea of selling hotel beds may be, the technologies and marketing behind selling those beds has undergone dramatic changes. The situation today is not unlike the early days of television. That said, we constantly hear digital call points like ‘the experience’, and the ‘customer journey’ parlayed at conferences and summits on the speaker circuit, just like soap suds were evangelised on early TV soap operas.

For the potential consumer of data analytics, and ‘big data’ tools, much of what’s being advertised is just that, just more marketing noise. But not all the noise is hyperbole, some stunning tools are being manufactured, albeit incrementally.

In this ‘so far’ nebulous world of hotel analytics it’s difficult for hoteliers to make heads or tails of what is going on. But what’s clear is that ‘deep customer insights’ will lead to a better guest satisfaction score, or even optimized room rates. Having said that, the hotel concierge or desk clerk is far from being empowered to provide these heightened experiences.

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